Sunday, 13 February 2011

Welcome to my blog page....blank page syndrome

Well hello there <echo, echo> LOL
Welcome to my first blog post! I set up this blog before Yuletide but have had that horrible blank canvas/page know...the one where you get a new Journal and dont know what to put on that precious first page. Or that prestine white canvas and dont know what your first brush stroke should be. So I've been putting it off!
But here I am now, theres no time like the present hey!?! So what to write? Well there is so much I could tell you....but right now I think maybe an introduction might be easiest. So here goes....

I'm Sam a self trained artist who uses mixed media to create art and objects that reflect my passions and beliefs. I combine paint, pewter, gemstones, and mother of pearl to create the pieces that you will see over the course of my blogs.
My journey as an artist began at school where I studied A-level art, and after leaving school and going into full time employment, Willow Creations was born. Initially it began with making gifts for friends, and working with pewter, mounting it onto handmade boxes and journals. However I came to understand that not everyone wanted the work on something practical and thus the artwork, in the form of smaller pieces became my focus.
Feeling the need to expand and explore into larger pieces, I started on a new series of works at the end of 2009 creating the “Luna Hare” piece. Since then it has been inspired me to create many other larger pieces and commissions on request.
I have had my work exhibited in galleries in Glastonbury, Scotland, Essex and various events around the country. I also runs workshops and Retreats focusing on my spiritual path and I'm also training as a Forest School Teacher. I'm a busy working mum with many hobbies, and a founding member of the local VW club Spooky VeeDub Club.
I am currently working on a number of commissions including “Hare at Sunrise” using gold leafing ,  plus 2 new series’ of work , one focusing on the Arctic using the Northern Lights as my inspiration (oh how I long to see them myself) and a collection based on the “Wild , Earthly Moon” or the working title "Beastie Moons" which will use a different animal to depict each full moon of the month.
I am available for commissions on request, either based on my current work or any ideas that you would like her to work with.
You can also follow me on Facebook Art of Samantha Marks, or on Twitter @samwillowart.

Well there you go for now......hopefully not too formal....but a little bit about me. Heres to a long blogging future ;o)