Tuesday, 28 June 2011

and where to begin........

Its been too long since my last blog and for that I can only apologise! I had hoped to make my posts a much more regular occurrence keeping you updated on all that I'm getting up too and creating etc. But I just haven't been fitting it in and begin as disciplined as I should be....so I shall endeavor to try again!

Since I last wrote I have been up to my beloved Highlands (where the above pic was taken), run another successful Elen Retreat and have lots of exciting opportunities presenting themselves! Between now and Sept is going to be a mega busy time! July brings lots of birthdays for us mine and Heather's (my daughter) included. Then I'll be taking my pretties along to the fantastic Barefoot Festival http://www.barefootfestival.com/ after that squeezing a visit to my Dad's, amongst the lovely lemon groves of Spain. Then its full on planning for the Elen Equinox Reunion!

I have some other amazing news, but right now its a bit secret squirrel ;o) But I do hope to be able to reveal all at Mabon!

Also coming along around that time of year will be the start of a year long correspondence course devoted to Elen. But that's a blog in its own right so watch this space!!!

*phew* no rest for the wicked as they say!!! Its head down and full steam ahead!